Rod W Peters


Rod W. Peters
Executive Producer

Rod’s industry experience spans the music, television and film landscapes.

Having acquired foundational marketing skills via a selective enrollment internship with The Coca Cola Company’s Marketing Department, Rod subsequently joined the corporate marketing team at Showtime Networks/Viacom in 1998.

During Rod’s tenure at Showtime Networks, he successfully managed numerous marketing campaigns for a wide range of award-winning programming across various brand segments, such as The Movie Channel, FLIX, Showtime, and The Sundance Channel.

In 2009, Rod founded Cgabby Productions, LLC as a catalyst to launch his creative passion for creating, writing, developing and producing film and television projects for major networks and film studios. Rod holds a B.A. degree from Georgia State University as well as a M.A. degree in Psychological Studies.

“I’m honored to be a part of this epic, commemorative documentary. I think audiences worldwide will appreciate David’s [Barnhart] amazing skill in capturing and conveying such an unprecedented view of the tsunami tragedy, while innately cultivating an authentic environment for our Indonesian participants to share their raw, heartfelt emotions as they make their way along their respective roads to recovery...This is truly one of those ‘wow’ documentaries...” -Rod