“I don’t see myself as looking disabled in other people’s eyes.”


Damai is a 19 year-old woman whose injuries were sustained from an earthquake that occurred along the fault line that caused the Tsunami.   She became paralyzed when she used her own body to shield her younger brother and sister as their house came crashing down on them.  Always active in the church, she turns increasingly to her faith in God to provide her with a solution.  She begins to draw new strength from a growing friendship with a home care nurse named Ika. Still, Damai must struggle to come to terms with her condition.  She worries that it is placing too heavy a burden on her widowed mother and three siblings.  A recovery program enables her to start the process of rehabilitation and she tries to be more independent through vocational and computer training.  4 years later, she will become a manager at the rehab center, while also becoming an advocate for disabled people in her town.  But, the prejudice against the disabled runs deep in her community and she has begun to question her future on an island that is the only home she has ever known...

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