“Over the last 4 years I’ve gained a lot of wisdom from my life.  I’ve learned the wisdom of living through chaos.”


Yadi is a small farmer who lost all fifteen members of his family, including his wife and children.  We first meet Yadi recovering the bodies of his family and placing them in makeshift graves.  His singular goal is to provide proper burials and mark the graves of each body he finds.  He personally cleans and provides a proper Muslim burial for more than thirty victims.  He hopes that his efforts will help provide peace of mind for those who are still searching for their missing loved ones.  With the encouragement of a small seed grant, Yadi and one other family begin to plant watermelon, and he commits himself to reaching out and involving other survivors in the rebuilding. In just 4 years this small investment will multiply and transform his community : rebuilding his village and culminating in the formation of a cooperative with a membership of 43 families.  Gradually he takes steps again to reclaim his life that was lost by marrying a widow from a village nearby; and celebrating the joy of being a father again. He seems humbled by the remarkable progress that he and his community have made, but in quiet moments still yearns for the family he has lost...

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